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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Second Chance Vance - Week 1

Here's the debut of my weekly web comic Second Chance Vance.  Check back every Thursday for new installments.  You can use this post for comments and/or discussion if you so desire.


Simon Fraser said...

Going for the 'low hanging fruit' here Chris? Don't you want to do something challenging like painfully pick apart your own life in Autobio comics? No, you've obviously gone the easy route, dealing with Civil Rights, morality and governmental ethics.
Sheesh, kids these days!

Nice work. Looking forward to more.

Chris said...

Thanks Simon.

Sadly, I'm afraid that discussing the governmental ethics of the past few years IS going for the low hanging fruit. However, there's hardly a more accessible (and blatant) instance that could serve as an entry point to a dark comedy about morality in American culture.

I wrote the bulk of this story last summer. Like many after our last election, I wondered if "cynicism is dead" and thought maybe I should rewrite the beginning of the story. But when you really think about it, does a recent change in governmental ethics mean that our culture as a whole has changed too?

I hope so. But I'm also afraid not!