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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

He Works in Mysterious Ways...

A couple days ago, I was watching Sam Bradford accept the Heisman Award, and it reminded me that I should post a comic I did a while back.  I remember watching Indianapolis Colts Head Coach Tony Dungy accept the 2007 Super Bowl trophy and being really annoyed by how much thanking of God was going on.  I sketched out this one pager (below) that night.
I realize that most of the time when people thank God in award speeches, they probably don't think God decided to let them win over the other heathens.  (At least I hope that's not the case.)  Instead, I guess that they want to publicly state that they are Christians as a show of humility. But to me, it always comes across as unnecessary acknowledgments of inclusion to an evangelical religious group.  

I sort of view it like donations.  If someone makes a big donation, they might get a lot of recognition and praise for their charity (and perhaps a tax write off).  However, if someone makes the donation anonymously, they only really care about the cause they are supporting.  My views on being evangelical are similar -- walking the walk is way better than talking.  Which is why it irks me even more when I come across one of the bazillion music awards shows and see a mysoginist hip hop artist or a hypocrite country star go on and on about Jesus.

Anyway, I didn't actually ink this comic until a year later.  Even though a lot of the specific names in the comic were out of date, the underlying theme still exists so I went ahead and finished it.  (Besides, who could pass up drawing God with a mullet?)  I had plans of changing the dialogue from year to year, while keeping the last two panels the same.  Perhaps I still might!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Austin American-Statesman Illustration

Here's an illustration I colored last week.  It was drawn by Nick Bertozzi and appeared in the Austin American-Statesman this past Saturday.  (If you follow the link, beware that the image posted on their website has some color issues depending on which browser you are using.)  Nick already had in mind the hues he wanted to use, but left it up to me as to whether to add highlights and lowlights or not.  The one above is the one he ended up going with.  Below are a couple variations, one with alternate hues and the other a flat image without highlights and lowlights.