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Friday, June 22, 2012

Goodbye Blogspot

I'm in the midst of updating Sinderson.com and the first step has been to integrate this news blog onto the actual site. Therefore, this will be the last post on this blog.

Never fear, all the previous content as well as future posts can be seen by directly going to Sinderson.com.

 If you subscribe through RSS, now is a good time to update your feed to: sinderson.com/feed/

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Stumptown Comics Festival

I will have a table at the Stumptown Comics Festival this coming weekend in Portland, OR. In addition to copies of some of my older wares, I will be debuting The Penultimate Compendium of Miscellaneous Millinery. This limited edition hardcover book contains illustrations of various characters wearing hats as seen from behind. In addition to the drawings seen in Haberdash Vol.'s 1 & 2, this collection contains 14 never-before-seen portraits.

Each book was hand-bound and lovingly crafted by Your Humble Author. They measure 4.5" x 6" with 70 hand cut pages (via bone folder). My inspiration for style came from the novellettes and memoirs published in the early 1900s -- an effect I think I achieved! Any copies I don't sell at Stumptown I will make available on Etsy in the coming weeks.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Alligators Everywhere

My latest comic, Alligators Everywhere, is online over at Act-i-vate.com.  It was written by Chris Miskiewicz and is part of his Animals Everywhere series.
Everywhere is a monthly animal disaster web-comic anthology published exclusively at ACT-I-VATE! where  you wake up to find that millions of a single species have appeared Everywhere around the world at the same moment. What happens and what does it mean when the natural world has gone wrong?  In Alligators Everywhere, a veteran gambler takes us through memory lane of Las Vegas’s heyday just as a plague of alligators wreaks havoc inside of a casino.
This 10 page story marks the first time I've produced a comic entirely on the computer.  I am currently working on a post about this new process (complete with successes and failures), so check back soon!

To read selected press about EVERYWHERE! please visit: MTVGeek, GNYC, Talking with Tim, and i09.com.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Art for Women of Wonder Benefit Auction

Big Barda, Relaxin' Tough
I did this 9"x12" ink wash drawing of Big Barda relaxing on her throne for the annual Women of Wonder Day auction which benefits the SAFE in Hunterdon, NJ.  SAFE is a great organization that helps survivors of domestic and sexual abuse. You can be present for the silent auction this weekend, Oct. 28-29, or you can bid online this week up through Saturday.  Find out more information on how to bid by clicking here for the official website!

Among my favorites up for auction is Nick Abadzis's version of Big Barda.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Trip to Guatemala

I've failed to post a video I made while on vacation in Guatemala this past August.  The trip was fantastic and relaxing with lots of hiking and good food at Lake Atitlan.  I had ample time to put to use the slow motion camera I received for my birthday as well as the new time lapse attachment I got for our digital camera.  I guess I was aiming at creating my very own version of Koyaanisqatsi only this time with the fantastic music of Dan Deacon in place of Philip Glass.  I very much like how it turned out!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Slow Motion Movies

Here are my first two experiments with the Casio Exilim slow motion camera I got for my birthday.  It's a fairly cheap camera and therefore only shoots in standard definition, but it sure is fun to experiment with.

The first video I took at my old studio I shared with Nick Bertozzi.  This was in the middle of the summer while Nick was deep inside drawing, inking, and coloring a 380 page graphic novel.  I like to think I captured some of his madness.  The music is by Daft Punk from the Tron soundtrack.

As you can see the low light can look a little grainy so I was excited to take the camera up to Canada where we spent the weekend with friends out on a lake. This footage was much better. The music is from Sigur Ros's excellent track "Festival".

And last but definitely least, I filmed a super low quality experiment on my iPhone with the free Super 8 app. I downloaded the app the same day that I got a pair of new shoes and so I thought I'd capture my journey from my house to the studio. You can catch a glimpse of Mr. George O'Connor at the end.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Jim Hanley's Signing Photos

Front Row: Simon Fraser, Benjamin Marra, Michel Fiffe, Pedro Camaro, Joe Infurnari, Tim Hamilton, Rachel Freire, Vito Delsante    Back Row: Me, Mike Cavallaro, Kat Roberts, Ulises Farinas, George O'Connor, Kris Mukai, Dean Haspiel, Conor Hughes, Hyendo Park

A big thanks to all the people that came out to Jim Hanley's Universe for the Twisted Savage Dragon Funnies signing.  We sold a lot of books and had a blast doing it!  Check out my photo wrap-up below.

Jim Hanley's store front

Dean knows that Mike has what it takes to sign a bunch of books.

As usual, Fiffe added some color to the event.

Joe attempted to draw a unique Savage Dragon fin in each book.

Apparently no one wanted George O'Connors signature so he started free-stylin'.

It was a solid two hours of autographs and sketches!

Kat doing a custom sketch.

Dean-- no stranger to a Jim Hanley signing.

An odd couple?

A focused Mike Cavallaro...

Happy customers!

Fun for the whole family!

I had a blast!  Thanks everybody!